Sagar Aromatics

Aromatic Herbal Products

Exporters of Aromatic Herbal Products such as olive oil, citronella oil, aroma chemicals, mentha products, pine products and essential oils.

Citronella Oil

Citronella Essential Oils that we offer are available in variety of packaging options. We supply Citronella Oils in bulk to manufacturers of soaps, perfumery compounds, herbal medicines, cosmetics and flavoring agents. These oils are known to have anti-mosquito properties, hence are used in oil lamps & mosquito replants.

Aroma Chemicals

We provide a wide range of synthetic Aroma Chemicals such as Dij (Di-Hydro Jasmone), Padma, PEA (Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol), Phenyl Ethyl Acetate, PEME (Phenyl Ethyl Methyl Ether), Aldh C-11, C-16. We provide these aromatic chemicals with a great degree of purity, & available for a wide range of industrial applications in industrial sectors such as parma, flavour and frangras, health care and food industrial etc. We specialize in providing these aromatic chemicals in forms as desired by our customers.

Mentha Products

Botanical Name - Mentha piperita. Essence A Physical and Mental Remedy. Function - This cooling, minty fragrance is an effective stimulant alleviating mental fatigue.

Essential Oil

Essential Oils are stored in special cells, ducts, or glandular hairs that are distributed among the roots, leaves, bark, stems, and flowers of the plant. Uplifting, protective, calming, and regenerating essential oils - a unique gift from the plant world. Essential oils protect the plant from insects and other herbivores, from bacteria, molds, fungi, and other microorganisms, and also helps to heal inflicted wounds. These unique characteristics make essential oils highly beneficial to humankind.

Pine Oil Products

Provencal wooden essential oil diffusers are natural and ecologically-friendly essential oil diffusers which work particularly well in compact areas such as linen cupboards, guest cloakrooms and cars. The wooden diffuser stick is placed inside a bottle of essential oil. The essential oil is drawn up the wooden diffuser stick by capillary action, rising slowly into the wooden ball which gently diffuses the essential oil into the atmosphere. wooden essential oil diffuser inside a compact area and push the diffuser stick into the top of the bottle of essential oil. As the essential oil is diffused the wooden diffuser stick can slowly be pushed further down into the bottle of essential oil every other day. Florame's Provencal wooden essential oil diffusers last for approximately 6 weeks before the bottle of essential oil runs dry.

Flower Extracts

Passion flower extracts is the herb of choice for insomnia, as it aids the transition into a restful sleep without any 'narcotic' hangover. Meanwhile, as an anti-spasmodic, passion flower is helpful in treating Parkinson's disease, asthma (with associated tension and spasmodic activity), seizures, and hysteria. It can also be effective for unnerving pain such as neuralgia and the viral infection of nerves called shingles. Selected for their nourishing, soothing, relaxing properties and their exfoliating, anti-oxidant action.